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Road to Hell  — Now shooting in China


                  Aki Aleong 

        Also starring:

       JuJu Chan

       Alesander Wraith

       Dawna Lee Heising

       Mike Leeder



Produced by:  Aki Aleong, Henry Luk

Written by:  Aki Aleong, Henry Luk

 Directed by: Henry Luk

My Grandpa — The Assassin  

                                    — Now shooting in China



                  Aki Aleong 

        Also starring:

  •          Michael Madsen
  •          JuJu Chan
  •          Alexander Wraith
  •          Dawna Lee Heising
  •          Sean Stone
  •          Nazo Bravo
  •          Delka Nenkova
  •          Darren Dawler
  •          Lilli Lev


        Written by:  Aki Aleong


        Directed by: Aki Aleong, Michael Madsen

        co-Directed by:  Jared Masters

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